We provide expert consultations


We are a leading distributor of domestic and foreign bearings and their accessories.

Machinery production

We offer deliveries for single items, small series as well as mass production of lathe or milled machine parts.

Metallurgical materials

We offer delivery of selected assortment of metallurgical materials and delivery of shapes from metal sheet.


IMET-CZ spol. s.r.o.

The company IMET-CZ spol. s r.o. is engaged in the distribution of bearings, the sale of a selected range of metallurgical materials, shaped components, workpieces and machine parts.

Since 2000, we have been successfully fulfilling the idea of being as accessible to customers as possible, delivering the highest quality products and providing them with the highest quality services. Our activities are based on the long-standing tradition of our certified parent company IMET a.s. (Slovak Republic), which has been one of the leading distributors of bearings for more than two decades not only in the Slovak market.

Our company is an integral part of the IMET Group.

We are market leaders

We are a leading distributor for domestic and foreign bearing manufacturers.

ISO certifications

Our products meet the highest quality standards.

24/7 support

We know how important it is to support our customers.

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Our technical staff attend regular technical training throughout the year.


Warranty period for delivered products and technologies up to 24 months. We have a direct representation of manufacturing plants.


Deliveries just in time, own warehouse space, consignment warehouses directly at the customer, 24h emergency service.


Our technical staff are available to deal with technical problems professionally at the customer.